PRWeb vs prREACH – Which One Comes out on Top?

In previous posts, I have gone through the benefits of two press release websites, being PRWeb and prREACH, if you didnt read those reviews, please go back and read the PRWeb review and the prREACH review.  Both services are incredibly good, which is why I have recommended them both individually.  However, posting press releases can be expensive, so it is likely that you will only choose one of the two services, not in the least because there is bound to be a degree of duplication between the two in terms of who they send the press releases too.  So which one should you choose?

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I believe this to be a completely personal choice and one that I cannot make for you.  However, what I can do is put some of the comparative information between the two sites side by side, to give you a better idea of what their intricate differences actually are.  In doing so, you will be able to find out which one of the two best matches your personal needs and requirements.  This is why I do recommend you firstly spend some time thinking about what it is you want from a press release service.

I will tell you which one of the two sites I have chosen to use moving forward, but I must make it clear that this is because it best meets my needs.  This doesn’t mean that I think one services is actually better than the other for you, or that you will experience any unworkable difficulties with the other site.  In the essence of fairness, however, I think it is only right to tell you which of the two I prefer.

Why You Should Work with Press Releases

Press releases are one of the essential parts of marketing.  One of the things that make press releases so strong is not necessarily their SEO purposes or their keyword density or titles, but rather the fact that people regularly actually search for them.  People regularly go to the news section when they search on Google, or at the very least look at how long ago a certain piece was posted, dismissing it if it is too old.

There are seven main benefits to using a press release.  These are:

  1. Any business is able to benefit from putting out a press release, be that because they want to promote a service, a product or an idea.
  2. It is reasonably cheap to release press releases, particularly when you consider value for money.  Essentially, a press release is a form of advertisement, and advertisements are usually incredibly expensive.
  3. It increases how visible your company is, thereby increasing brand awareness and brand trust.
  4. If you have sufficient press releases out there, you will start to be seen as an industry expert, meaning others (journalists and bloggers in particular) will start to come to you for advice and guidance, which further increases your brand awareness and so on.
  5. A press release can very easily go viral, particularly if it has good social media share functions.
  6. You can use a press release to get more customers, which is really what it is all about.
  7. You will become better known to investors who may be looking for small businesses to invest in.

Clearly, the strength of a press release cannot be denied, even if there have been recent discussions stating that a press release doesn’t hold as much SEO value as it once did.  The reality is that even if it weren’t part of a successful search engine optimization strategy (which it is), it should still be an important part of your marketing strategy as a whole.

diagram 2 - PRreach world

Now that you know why it is so important that you frequently release press releases, the question inevitably becomes where you should go for that.  So, should you choose PRWeb or prREACH?  Let’s take a look at the features of both of them to help you make that decision.

Overall Impressions



The website is visually attractive, which I find important.  There doesn’t seem to be any crowding, and I don’t have to scroll very far in order to see everything that is on the page.

I really liked the colors used on the prREACH website, which are fresh and young and appeal to a vibrant audience, which is generally what internet people would class themselves as.

I recognize the PRWeb logo, as it is very regularly in my Google search results whenever I search for something.

I am not as familiar with the prREACH logo because it is a reasonably new company.

There is a cool link to what people have said about PRWeb on Twitter.  Although this is great, I did notice that the last PRWeb mention was quite a long time ago.  On the other hand, that demonstrates a certain degree of honesty since it is also possible that someone were to say something negative about the business.

Pricing is easy to find, and you get presented with a professional video explaining everything as well, which I found very helpful.

The awards that PRWeb have won are clearly listed.

There is a social media sharing option way at the top on every single press release, and at the bottom for the homepage.

The website immediately makes it clear that you can apply for a free account.

It is clear that the company focuses on customer service, since their customer helpline is mentioned on the home page.



Overall in terms of first impressions, I have to say that PRWeb really sticks out.  However, one thing that you will see right away on the prREACH website is that they have made every other press release company completely obsolete.  That is a pretty big claim to make and one that I may instinctively doubt to be true, but it did make me feel really interested in what they actually had to offer – marketing tactic point for prREACH.

Prices and Packages

The prices and packages available through PRWeb and prREACH are very different and hence quite hard to compare.

diagram 1 - prweb banner


diagram 4 - banner


With PRWeb, there are no monthly subscriptions.  Instead, you pay for each press release and the amount you pay will vary depending on what you want to achieve. (They do offer annual bulk rate subscriptions for agencies) With prREACH, you pay a monthly subscription fee, which entitles you to a certain amount of press releases.  Prices are currently discounted and are:

  • $69 for one PR (usually $197)
  • $117 for two PRs (usually $297)
  • $197 for four PRs (usually $597).

(They do offer annual bulk rate subscriptions for agencies)

The packages are as follows:

  • $99 for a basic, which means your press release will be on the PRWeb website and can be found through search engines and news sites.
  • $159 for a standard, which includes sharing across social media and thousands of news outlets.
  • $249 for an advanced, including optimization and sending it to the more important news outlets.
  • $369 for the premium package, including the most premium websites and allowing you to attach media or videos.
  • $499 for the financial package, where your release is shared specifically with premium financial news outlets.
Offers with prREACH are regular, meaning you ca generally get a pretty good deal for your money.
Each package includes the same, being:

  • Access to the PSMM (proprietary social mention multiplier) system, which means every press release goes out to all the social media, video and social bookmarking sites.
  • Nationally syndicated press releases.
  • Social sharing and search engine optimization.
  • Pings, promotions and indexes if a post is shared through others.
  • The possibility of creating video press releases, or of adding videos, images or other kinds of files to a press release.
  • RSS subscriptions for journalists, bloggers and prREACH readers.
  • Full social media sharing.
  • Customization of URLS.
  • Automatic submission to tons of other PR distribution channels.
  • Every press release you submit will be turned into a video, where the information you provided will be read out by a professional anchorperson, which will then be released to the world, giving you third party validation.


When looking at the prices and what the packages offers, it suddenly becomes clear how prREACH is able to say that they make the competition obsolete.  First of all, this is because they are much cheaper.  You don’t pay for the benefits, but rather for the number of releases.  Hence, it is a lot better value for money than what PRWeb is able to offer.  Not just that, since they then submit your press release to all the same outlets as PRWeb, there seems little to no point still going to PRWeb as well.

The one thing that stood out most for me, however, is the third party validation offered through the video press release.  As soon as you have provided your press release, they send it to their studio, where a professional anchorperson reads out the information.  This will hugely increase your credibility to your audience and is something no other PR service provides.  It is a known fact that Google really loves videos and video news, which means that offering your press release in this way will hugely increase your rankings straight away as well.

The Bad Side

No program or package is perfect.  Choosing the best provider for you will often be down to weighing up the pros against the cons.  As such, understanding the downsides of both of the packages, you will be better equipped to make that decision.


diagram 5 - prweb shout


diagram 6 - prreach videoprREACH

PRWeb is known to be one of the more expensive PR sites.  However, they have also long been known as one of the best for some time, which is why people seem willing to pay for the service. prREACH doesn’t really teach you how to write a press release. However, if you feel uncomfortable writing one yourself, they do provide you with a list of people who you could hire to write it for you.  We recommend, but we may be biased. (They do, we missed it, its here)
They are beginning to get known as a low quality service due to allowing lots of low quality releases through their network in the last few years As of the tie of this writing, PR tracking was not available, however it is on its way, thankfully, via a downloadable PDF, this is something PRWeb currently offers.


prREACH being a new company has a few more disadvantages than PRWeb, but they are adding services regularly which shows they care about their service and clients.  Whether or not these disadvantages are sufficient to make you say that you don’t want to work through them is a personal decision.

The Verdict and My Personal Recommendation

So, which one do I believe is the better one of the two?  Did I stay with PRWeb, or did I choose to stay with prREACH?  It wasn’t an easy decision, because both had some very significant advantages.  However, eventually, after many years of using PRWeb, I did decide to migrate to prREACH as our preferred Press Release provider.  PRWeb certainly has the bigger name.  It has been around for a long time and is a respectable name in the online world.  However, they are incredibly expensive and confusing and I don’t feel their packages have moved with the time.  The idea that if you don’t have an annual plan, you would have to pay $369 just so you can attach a video to a press release, something you can always do with prREACH who, on top of that, also turn each PR into a video, is simply not one that I believe to be competitive.

diagram 7 - prweb system

I was also hugely impressed with the PSMM service offered by prREACH (you have to pay for a standard package with PRWeb if you want to be able to share on social media).  Social media is where the future lies, not just in terms of press releases, but in terms of search engine optimization and internet marketing in general.  Again, PRWeb seems to not have moved with the times, which makes me worried about how relevant their service actually still is.  Added to this that they do not offer the fantastic video service that prREACH offers, and it becomes even more clear why I decided not to stay with them.


PRWeb is good, but prREACH is better.  Does it make all other PR sites obsolete?  Time will tell.  However, I believe it to be the best one out there at the minute.

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Mike Pereira is the founder of CTC Ventures LLC, the parent company of, as well as a whole host of other businesses. Mike is a regular contributor to blogs such as and to name a few. Mike is best known for his affiliate marketing prowess and has an extensive Internet marketing and e-commerce background dating back to 1996. Follow Mike at Google+

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Guys, your content made me $100k in 6 months time, and that was just on one of the sites! Needless to say, I highly recommend the service!

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Our editorial standards are pretty tough at prREACH and we have a high rejection rate. That is why when a client requests us to recommend a content writing service I send them to every time! They are getting great content for a great price without the back and forth editing process.

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