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It takes a certain type of style and flare to create a well written product review. A true product review can not be too much of a sales pitch, in fact it should not be a sales pitch at all. It can not be too critical and it can not be too flowery. You need a fine blend of an unbiased and editorial view, which showcases the good and the bad simultaneously which will allow the reader to make their own decision.

By taking the approach of showing both the good and the bad you are engaging with your readers and showing them that you are worthy of their trust and not just trying to sell them something. While some will say you want to sell to your readers, the fact is you want your readers to trust you and your opinion and not feel like they are being sold. Today’s consumers are savvy enough to spot an affiliate site with rosy sales pitches. Showcasing the flaws as well as the features and highlights is the way a true editorial product review should be.

All of our product reviews are written with an unbiased stance right from the start. Our review writers will analyze and research a product, and if it is something they can gain access to to they will use it to gain as much insight as possible on the product they are reviewing. They will take screen shots and add images whenever possible and add them to the review.

Each review will consist of an overview of the product being reviewed. It will list highlights, features, benefits and will utilize sub heading’s where they apply. Our product reviews will also contain a section about what our reviewer does not like or recommend improvements and they will typically discuss the pricing and have a conclusion. Depending on the product being reviewed they will also include many screen shots and pictures of the product within the review.

No two reviews will be alike. Obviously asking a reviewer to review a coffee maker, vs a piece of software, or hosting or Forex software will have some limitations. A reviewer will not be able to physically use a specific coffee maker, and the images may be just images available from the manufacturer. However if a product reviewer is asked to review a piece of software in which a trial download is available, they will typically use the software and take screen shots of it. It really depends on the product being reviewed, and each case will be different.

Our reviewers are ready to review most products and systems, if at some point we see an order than we feel is beyond our review capacity we will follow up with you to make sure we are on the same page. If we are not, we will promptly refund you your purchase price if it is something we can not complete. However upon completion of the review, there are no refunds

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