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Media buying is one of the best sources of traffic you’ll ever find, but it’s also one of the least understood. The lack of familiarity stems from the fact that media buying used to be very expensive, requiring a minimum of $5,000 per ad spend. Thankfully, times have changed and it’s more accessible now, but few people still want to touch it because they don’t know where to start.

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If you’ve been in the internet marketing business for a while, particularly PPC, PPV and CPA, the name Gauher Chaudry might be a familiar one. He has been in the paid traffic business for 16 years and is the man behind Media Buying Sumo, a comprehensive course for those who want to get into media buying. There aren’t many courses about media buying, and the few that are out there still leave a lot to be desired. So what makes Media Buying Sumo so different? Find out in this full review.

What is Media Buying Sumo?

Media Buying Sumo is a comprehensive course that details everything you need to know, from the basics like the different types of media buying, to different step by step tutorials on its various aspects. The program is divided into 6 modules:

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Intro: Getting Started With Media Buying Sumo – This is an introduction to the course, which will get you started on the right foot.

2013 Live Workshop – Gauher held a live workshop in Toronto recently and the event was recorded and available to members. Speakers include Gauher himself, Mike Colella, Steve Gray, Greg Davis, Ratko Vidakovic and Matt Sauls

Module 1: Types of Media Buying – This module will give the foundation to successful media buying. You will learn about the different types of media buys and how you can start testing with a small budget with real-time bidding networks.

Module 2: Market Analysis – You will learn about the importance of market intelligence, which includes your customers and competitors, when it comes to buying media in this module. You need to spend time doing market intelligence BEFORE attempting any media buying so that you have a solid strategic plan in place.

Module 3: Introduction To Tracking – Tracking is absolutely crucial to making your media buys successful. This module covers how to use the most popular tracking platforms to track your banners, landing pages and conversions

Module 4: Introduction To Banners – Banners are the foundation to any media buying campaign. This module covers the factors that make banners successful and how to optimize your banners for maximum conversions.

Module 5: What is Retargeting? – Retargeting allows you to remarket to lost visitors. Retargeting is powerful because it allows you to build second list (invisible list) that doesn’t require an opt-in.

Module 6: Introduction To Mobile Media Buying – Mobile media is projected surpass desktop media buying in terms of inventory. Now is the best time to fully understand mobile media buying so that you can take advantage of this new advertising medium before your competitors do.

In addition, there are webinar replays that you can watch online, listen to via downloadable mp3, or even read the transcript. Every time there is a new webinar, the replay becomes accessible in this area. Finally, there is a list of resources, including mailing list providers, sources for graphics and banners, ad servers and landing page tracking, and a lively forum!

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What I like About Media Buying Sumo

The thing I like most about Media Buying Sumo is that it’s an extremely comprehensive guide on media buying. Sure, there have been a few other great courses on this subject, in fact I probably own most of them, but Gauher covers all the different aspects of Media Buying in  away that is easy to comprehend which makes you understand what he is teaching and makes it easier for you to take action and implement. Put simply, he is a great teacher. The entire course structure is well designed and if you prefer to focus on one particular aspect of media buying, it’s easy to just choose a particular module as each one can stand on its own.

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Another thing I like about Media Buying Sumo is that because of the program structure, it’s easily accessible to both newbies and experienced media buyers alike. Naturally, those with no experience will want to consume the course from start to finish. However those who do have experience in media buying can just focus on specific modules without going over the redundant portions of the course.

Another item which I find extremely valuable is the forum. There is a wealth of knowledge archived in the forum and you get to interact with other members who have gone or are going through the same items as you.


I also like that the videos are available in multiple formats. You can watch them online, download an mp3 file, or read the transcript, depending on how you want to consume the course. Naturally, watching the video is the most preferred way of consuming the content, which can be done right from your PC or laptop, but if you’re about to head out for a morning run or are busy doing chores around the house, listening to it as an mp3 file would be the better option. Finally, it’s easy to miss out on key details whether it’s a video or an mp3 that you’re listening to, so the transcript is a good thing to have if you prefer to read what was discussed instead.

Finally, I like that once you become a member of the program, you get access to any and all updates as they become available. So in case anything changes in the industry that affects how media buying is done, you’ll be able to get the most updated information to educate yourself about it and learn how to adjust your approach if need be.

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What I Don’t Like About the Program

There really isn’t anything I don’t like about the course except for its limited release. Media Buying Sumo is priced higher than some other courses, but Chaudry previously made the course available at a significant discount. However, the limited slots were quickly picked up and there’s no news as to when it might become available again, so be sure to get on the waiting list through this link. ** We Have A Backdoor Link to Purchase Media Buying Sumo – CLICK HERE **

At the moment, those who are interested in signing up need to wait, but in the meantime, Chaudry is making a free report and video accessible from the original signup page. Simply provide your name and email to become a part of Gauher waiting list for Media Buying Sumo and you can download both the report and watch the video online right after joining.

Media Buying Sumo Price

Media Buying Sumo is typically priced at $997 for lifetime access to the entire course. Yes, it’s pricey, but keep in mind that ad spends for media buying can require huge budgets and can eat up a large chunk of cash at a time. You do have the option of paying in installments, however, because of its limited release, you can’t buy into the program just yet.

Is Media Buying Sumo for You?

Media buying easily has the best returns of any form of paid traffic, but it’s easy to be turned off on it because of the typically large budget that is associated with each ad spend. However, in addition to teaching you the ins and outs of media buying, Chaudry also teaches you where you can get traffic at extremely low rates in this course. You can spend as little as a penny for every view that you get and control how many views you’re getting by switching your traffic sources on or off.

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There simply isn’t a more comprehensive guide to media buying out there on the market right now. While Media Buying Sumo is certainly priced higher than some keep in mind that it teaches you how to maximize the most powerful form of paid traffic out there, which makes the price negligible if it saves you $1000’s.

Media Buying Sumo Bonus

While you wont be finding a Media Buying Sumo discount code here, we are offering anyone who purchases Media Buying Sumo via our affiliate link a $300 credit towards any of our content from You could use that credit on purchasing product reviews, curated content or authority content, whatever best suits your needs.That’s a real world $300 value, not some rehashed PDF’s or junk offer. This content is going to be provided by so you know it is going to be good, and not just 100% unique, but custom written for you to the highest standards of quality.

Redeeming your bonus is simple. All you need to do is go to to open a Helpdesk ticket and then paste in your purchase receipt showing a purchase of Media Buying Sumo and request your bonus. We will verify that you used our link and that the 30 day refund period is over and send you the credit. This bonus only applies one time and you will need to wait until after the refund period has expired before the bonus will be able to be paid out. Additionally payment plan buyers will need to wait until the payment plan has been completely paid and the refund period for the last payment has expired.

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