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When it comes to hosting services, you typically get what you pay for. So when you find a gem of a host at a price that’s too good to be true, at least on paper, it’s hard not to be skeptical. That was my initial reaction when I first started looking into Hostgator’s hosting plans and thought, hey, some of this is pretty good. They offer a number of hosting services, but what I was really interested in was their Baby Plan which fell under their shared hosting because of its “unlimited everything” feature where you can even add unlimited domains and host multiple blogs for the price of one!

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Now keep in mind I have been using Hostgator for many, many years, so I never considered doing a review. However after many years of being a Hostgator client, I have to say that I’m pretty satisfied, which is why I’m sharing this review with you.

What Does Hostgator Offer?

Hostgator is a web hosting service that offers a number of hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Being a moderately successful marketer, I eventually grew my site large enough that I wanted to expand and start another blog. Hostgator’s Baby plan offered the perfect solution within my limited budget many years ago: unlimited domains, disk space, and bandwidth.

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For those who are just starting out and don’t need unlimited domains yet, there’s also the Hatchling plan that also provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth for a single domain. And if you own a business and have special hosting needs, you can get the Business plan that offers a dedicated toll free number and private SSL on top of unlimited domains, disk space, and bandwidth but at that point you may want to consider a VPS server at minimum.

Of course, as mentioned above, they also offer VPS hosting and dedicated servers which are much more scalable. And full disclosure, I do have a VPS server with Hostgator at this time as it just make sense for my business but I started with a simple baby plan many years ago. That is the beauty of using Hostgator, you can start small with a baby plan and scale it up to a VPS when the time is right and their support will handle the transition for you. For this review, we will focus on the couple baby plans I do have as well.

What I Like About Hostgator

A look at the web hosting plans that Hostgator offers shows that there is an option at every price point. If you’re new to blogging or are starting out with very little traffic, you can begin with either the Hatchling or Baby plans that both offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. They come with the standard cPanel control panel, free website templates and scripts, and support for WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Wiki hosting, just to name a few. It’s a complete solution that offers beginners not just hosting, but the kind of resources and features that successful site owners and webmasters take for granted.

I also like how Hostgator makes it easy to choose between different VPS hosting plans and scale them as needed if you opt for a VPS. You can choose between a semi-managed or fully-managed VPS and tweak the features that you want on your plan. Every VPS hosting plan comes with unlimited domains, subdomains, email accounts, and FTP accounts, as well as weekly off-site backups, free site builder software, private name servers, full root access, and round the clock support. It’s the ideal option for those who want many of the benefits of a dedicated server but don’t want to spend quite so much.

My favorite part about Hostgator is that they manage to offer the best value of any hosting service I’ve done research on. On their Hatchling and Baby plans, you already get unlimited bandwidth and disk space, unlike other entry level shared hosting plans that have a limit on both. They’re not the cheapest, but the difference is really just a dollar and a few pennies.

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What I Don’t Like

On the Baby Plan, many of the cons I have are directly related to the plan itself. For example, one thing I don’t like has more to do with shared hosting services in general and not Hostgator in specific, but it’s a con nonetheless. The time to first byte (TTFB) is relatively slow, although when it does start serving, it’s pretty fast. Another thing I don’t like is that support is limited. Again, this is true of many shared hosting services, but if they’re going to keep flaunting their award winning support, it’s only fair to mention that you only get the full benefits of their support if you purchase a fully managed hosting plan. Their VPS service is stellar in my experience.

So Should You Choose Hostgator as Your Next Hosting Service?

Hostgator offers three different shared hosting plans. You can get the Hatchling plan, which is just $3.96 a month if you get the 3 year plan. The Baby plan is just $6.36 a month for 3 years while the Business plan is $10.36 a month for 3 years. On the other hand, if you want a VPS hosting plan, you can start with a semi-managed plan that guarantees a 0.57GHz CPU, 384MB RAM, 10GB of disk space and 250GB of bandwidth as low as $22.92 for the first month and $19.95 for each month thereafter. Or you can scale it all the way up to a fully managed plan with a guaranteed 5.94GHz CPU, 4.435GB RAM, 231GB of disk space, and 3,150GB bandwidth for $180.41 on the first month and $219.95 every month thereafter.

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Whether you go with the Baby plan on a shared host or choose one of their semi- or fully-managed VPS plans, Hostgator has some of the most easily scalable hosting plans I’ve seen being offered. I’ve been on Hostgator’s Baby plan for several months now and I have to say that it looks like I’m staying. The support isn’t the best considering I’m only on a shared hosting plan, but that’s to be expected since this is true of almost any other hosting service. But they’ve delivered on everything else so far, so it’s kind of hard to complain.

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