How To Find Good Writers For Your Company Blog

writerIt is quite unusual today to find a company that does not have a website. You may be able to think of a few, and they’ll tend to be small, local businesses for which a website would probably add little in terms of value neither to its customers nor to itself.

Many companies also run blogs. There are very sound marketing reasons for doing this. As one element of a content marketing strategy, a blog makes eminently good sense. However, the thing with a blog is that it has to be written, and it is not a one off event that is never or rarely repeated. If you want to have a successful blog it will have to be something that people want to read: and people want to read new material.

Few companies can justify a full time blog writer. There may be someone in your company who can turn his or her hand to the art if necessary. One solution, however, is to hire a freelance writer or writers to produce your blog for you. What follows are some tips to help you in finding the right people to write your blog.

Technical Expertise?

This really depends on the type of blog that you want written. It may not be a particularly technical blog; however, if it is technical, it’s best to find someone with experience in that area. If you want some general blog posts about the benefits of healthy eating, most competent writers will turn their hands to it. If you want blogs that highlight advances in industrial water treatment, you might want some technical competence in your blogger. However, it is about balance. You could hire someone who is technically highly qualified but whose writing just doesn’t hit the spot. Thus Darren Rowse on Problogger:

In many ways I’d sooner hire someone with an intermediate experience level but who was very passionate than someone who was an expert who writes in a way that makes the reader wonder if the person cares about what they’re writing about.

A Blog Is for the Reader

This may seem an obvious point: and it is obvious but often ignored. Have a look through a few blogs and you’ll soon come across examples of blogs that are written for the writer. If the text does not engage the reader and make them want to read what is written, your blog is just a waste of time.

All good writers, whatever medium they write through, have the ability to make a connection with their readers. It’s as though they can view the world from the readers’ viewpoint and give the reader what they want. I should thus advise very strongly that before you hire anyone you get them to write a few sample blogs. If they don’t engage you with their writing they won’t engage your blog readers.

Your Voice

There’s another good reason for getting your prospective blogger to write a few sample blogs to start with, and that is to make sure that your blogger has the right voice to represent your company. You may find a highly gifted writer, but if she cannot tell a story in a voice that is consistent with the corporate tone that you want, or she can’t change her voice, you will not want to use her.

For example, Charles Dickens was a prodigiously gifted writer, but you probably wouldn’t engage him to write your blogs. If your company sells sportswear to twenty-somethings you don’t want someone who writes like she’s selling sheet music to classical musicians. This point is well made by

There are plenty of people who can create a story or sell anything which is related to a particular market. However, you want someone who really understands the needs of your business, or someone who can work in the style of your brand.

There are, of course, a series of other factors that you may need to take into account when hiring a writer. However, if you have someone who writes for your readers, in your corporate voice with the right level of technical expertise, you’ll certainly be in a comfortable position to get good quality content produced for your blogs.

Mike Pereira is the founder of CTC Ventures LLC, the parent company of, as well as a whole host of other businesses. Mike is a regular contributor to blogs such as and to name a few. Mike is best known for his affiliate marketing prowess and has an extensive Internet marketing and e-commerce background dating back to 1996. Follow Mike at Google+

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