The Difference Between Content Curation And Other Forms Of Content Marketing

News BoyTrying to decide how to improve the quality of your site requires that you look at many different factors and consider many different strategies. Using content marketing to add fresh, relevant information for your followers has met with a considerable amount of confusion. How do you decide what kind of content to stream and how much will be enough to keep your ever-growing customer base satisfied?

There are at least three different mechanisms that you can use to add a little life to your business website, all of them similar in many ways and different in others. These three terms of content marketing are content aggregation, syndication, and curation and understanding the difference between the three could end up being the secret to your success. Elise Gould of Terra Lever explains this point,

There can be confusion about the difference between these widespread practices. Even well-versed marketers can be puzzled at the prospect of implementing them into their online marketing practices.

Being able to distinguish the difference between them all and using the right content tools integrated with a number of Internet marketing platforms can be a powerful business tool for any growing business.

Content Aggregation

Content aggregation can sometimes be confusing because there is more than one way to apply it. One way is by syndicating another person’s content directly from their own feed and another method is by creating your own content and then aggregating it. It is very similar to content creation in the fact that it adopts information from outside sources and incorporates that information into your own creative content however, with aggregation much of the human element has been removed. Most of the search work can be programmed into a software package to search out specific key words and plug that information into your website.

While this could garner you some very valuable information, software does not search with the concept of complimenting or enhancing your own personal data but simply matches keywords. This could actually produce for your website clinical and impersonal data that may not be what the customer needs. As explained by Social Media Today,

Automated posts have their place, but it’s not really in a strong social curation strategy. You should be complimenting your own content, with the best sundry content you can find, manually, on the Internet.

This could be harder than it seems. Without careful selection of the information you post on your site your readers may be missing out on some very valuable tools they could make use of. Always make sure that your content can provide them with something new so they will keep coming back for more.

Content Syndication

Another strategy that some businesses use is content syndication, which makes use of time sensitive information streams from other websites. Using information sources like press releases, articles, images and video already in public use. This method of adding information to your website can appear on many different sites at one time with the consent of the writer. This method is defined clearly by Strategies Online,

A process of making it easier for people to access content that you put online. The main point is to have it readily available the moment it is published, to catch the immediate attention of readers with most traffic being within the first twenty four hours or less.

It is important to understand that this process requires a specific agreement from the writer to use their written content on another site and may require some form of compensation for the use of their work. You can strike an agreement with a writer for one article or for a series of articles that will then be automatically added to your website without any additional work from you.

The challenge you may face with content syndication is the same as that for content aggregation. After the initial capture of syndicated content through RSS feeds or another means, it can be automatically updated to your website without consideration to the application of the material to your audience’s particular needs. The main goal of this marketing strategy is to make sure that the information you glean from syndication is timely and useful to the reader.

Content Curation

The most popular form of creating content is the means of researching, collecting and the representing the information specific to your topic or field of expertise. As the digital marketer your goal in curation is to sift through the massive amounts of data on the Internet to find precious gems of knowledge that is best suited to your field of expertise, then blend it together with your own writing to tailor make the content to suit the exact needs of your customer base.

Unlike aggregation or syndication content curation requires human reasoning to make sure that the content chosen matches well with the platform it is expected to be used with. While aggregation and syndication may be the easiest means of creating content for your site they both lack the one thing that guarantees a solid connection with the reader; human influence. It is this tool that will make the content relatable to the reader and keep them coming back again and again for more information.

Of all three possibilities, content curation has proven to be the most effective for a number of reasons. Whatever you choose to build up your website content be sure to be selective in your choosing the right information for your site. This way you’ll be certain that it will have the best possible interest and appeal to your customers.

You should always make sure that the original writer is given their due credit when using other people’s work and avoid using too much material from outside sources. The curated content on your site should merely be used to enhance your viewpoint and not a copy of someone else’s work.

When your content is sufficient enough to provide value to your reader, deliver the information in a way that is unique and establishes you as the expert in your field the more likely your target audience will remember you and come back for a steady diet of reliable information that will make their lives better.

Mike Pereira is the founder of CTC Ventures LLC, the parent company of, as well as a whole host of other businesses. Mike is a regular contributor to blogs such as and to name a few. Mike is best known for his affiliate marketing prowess and has an extensive Internet marketing and e-commerce background dating back to 1996. Follow Mike at Google+

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