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All Amazon Product descriptions consist of Title, 5 bulleted sections along with a product description delivered with html format for simple copy and paste.  Amazon product copywriting takes approximately 7-10 business days deliver.

Amazon listings are not quite as simple as creating an eCommerce description on a traditional eCommerce store. Amazon listing require more than just a story or some sparse technical details. Amazon listing require some copywriting with sales flare.

The most important aspect of your Amazon listing is the Title, it must be keyword rich while clearly making sense to your customers. We will create a keyword rich title for your product, but we do recommend you tweak your title as many times as necessary. We recommend you change your titles from time to time by adding or swapping keywords so that you can find which title or combination of keywords works best. We have found simple keyword edits can make a huge difference for your Amazon traffic.

The 2nd most important section would be your bulleted list. This is where you get the opportunity to list all of your products benefits and features to sell the customer on why they should purchase your product.

The final piece is the product description section. Here we tend to try to write more more sales copy than technical description text. To be clear, most customers who buy your product have already decided to buy your product before they even get to the product description, as the above items along with the reviews and images are the most important pieces of content on your listing. But for those that make it this far, this is your lass chance to win them over and convert them into a sale. We deliver the product descriptions in html format for simple copy and paste for you.

NOTE: After placing your order you will be directed to an order instructions page, as well as receive an email with instructions on how to complete your order. If you are not redirected to our order instructions page, or receive an email within a few ours, please check your spam folder, and then contact our helpdesk if you still have not received anything. CUSTOM ORDERS: For any custom order’s or needs please contact us via our helpdesk at

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