About MyWriters.com

MyWriters.com is a professional content writing service that specializes in offering unique content solutions to small businesses, individual marketers and entrepreneurs. Our talented content writers come from varied professional backgrounds and are hand picked to fit your content needs. No matter what your requirements are, we can help.

MyWritersShirtsWe have been privately servicing many Internet Marketing professionals in every area of website content production since 2008. Due to our success and subsequent market demand for our unique content services we elected to open up our content services to the public. Now, you too have access to the very same services that have been utilized only by a select and private clientele. No matter which service you require, be it a monthly content subscriptions or one product review, our goal is to make sure you are satisfied and recommend us to others.

MyWriters.com offers 100% original content, passed through plagiarism checks and based on thorough research of whatever project you throw at us. By utilizing the professional services of MyWriters.com you can get back to growing your business and leave the writing to us. You can rest easy knowing that MyWriters.com is on the job, delivering high quality first rate content for your website that your readers will not only love, but will share as well .

Who Is Behind MyWriters.com

MyWriters.com is owned and operated by CTC Ventures LLC, originally part of the Mike and Troy brands.

mike-mywritersMike Pereira and Troy Broussard began creating exceptional content for their own websites in 2008. Many of their websites quickly became 6 figure a year affiliate websites based on the compelling content, reviews, SEO and conversion principals they applied. As demand for their time elsewhere increased, they began training their own team to replace them. As the team continued to grow, they began creating content for other marketing friends of theirs, this led to the opening of their first services website, ArticleOnTap. That website has now been replaced by MyWriters.com, and the rest is history.

Today, the MyWriters.com content creation team are responsible for over 50 million words a year of content and they call some of the top marketers in the industry their clients as well as friends.

Although nowadays Troy has since moved on to focus on his passion of coaching and consulting, Mike Pereira has retained sole ownership of CTC Ventures and also offers consulting and SEO services, as well as owns and operates a variety of affiliate/marketing/ecommerce websites.



Guys, your content made me $100k in 6 months time, and that was just on one of the sites! Needless to say, I highly recommend the MyWriters.com service!

Keith Baxter

Our editorial standards are pretty tough at prREACH and we have a high rejection rate. That is why when a client requests us to recommend a content writing service I send them to MyWriters.com every time! They are getting great content for a great price without the back and forth editing process.

Rob Burns

MyWriters.com rocks!  They are one of my secret weapons for my authority sites.  The quality of their content is top notch and I don’t have to double check everything, making it hands off.  Their support has always been just as good too.  I highly recommend their service to anyone (unless your in my niche) 🙂

John Barry
Super Affiliate